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Hi my name is Shidan, I currently live in China with my husband and two daughters. My husband’s work takes him around the world; we follow him where his work takes him. So we have lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Korea, Dubai, Papua New Guinea and my home country China. When my Husband is between jobs, we often have holidays in various countries; my favorite is Thailand, amongst many.Shidan Wilkins

In my travels, I try to experience the different cultures, and I especially enjoy tasting the local foods and learning the recipes. When we return home, I source the ingredients and test them out; my family enjoys them and say I am a really good cook and that I should open a restaurant.

I am not one for the hard work of running a restaurant, I just want to see the look of enjoyment expressed by family and friends when they taste my food. From that, it is my desire to share what I know and am learning, so this Website.
I will share some of my travels and experiences but mostly the food, and the recipes I have developed or found in my travels.

In my pages and blogs, I will share my favourites, newly tried and some cool ideas and utensils I use or find.

I am passionate about food and travel so come join the journey with me 🙂

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi there

    I run the travelling kitchen a mobile cooking school for kids at schools

    Great name if your business I love it 😃

    Is this an active website still?
    If not would you be interested in
    Selling the domain name?

    Thanks karen

    • That’s great you teach kids cooking skills. Yes, it is a great name and it seems to be a very popular one at that. I have been tied up lately with other businesses I’m involver=d with and yes I should really be more active here. Thanks for your interest Karen.

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